Warm Winds and Pinwheels

Vick + Eveline by Alwin

Some said that sometimes your best friend understand you better than you understand yourself, and other said that talking to an old friend makes you realize how much your life has changed. Well, I personally believe with those saying, knowing that sometimes we need our buddy just to give us reassurance, also talking to an old friend (doesn’t mean your friend is old, but only referring to your childhood friend), are always an indulgence, remembering our memories just for old time sake and else, just laughing our stupidity, well, those moments of innocence.. LOL In my 34 years of life, I know this guy, Vick for almost 29 years, yup.. Can’t you believe that? Seems that I know him almost my entire life. LOL, I know this bloke, from the first day back in our kindergarten day, and as usual, our mom accompanied us for our first school day. As every mom done, my mom and Vick’s throws each other their smile and say hi, and since then, I became best friend with this guy, learn our first tricycle, bump our knees with our new bicycle, getting lost from thugs chasing us from video arcade (goshh.. I know its so old, but I tell you, even its more challenging than my PS4 I owned now), and having our adventures with our beaten-up bicycle and rucksack full of food and drinks supply.. In fact, I can tell you many stories about our adventures together for nearly 29 years now, but hey, let’s go back to the point here. LOL
Fast forwarding the story, Vick once upon a time brought Eveline as his date, and since then their love story begins, like other ordinary couple, for sure they had their ups and downs, they struggle to keep their relationship, and for sure there are those days Vick came with frowned face for having problems, but also many time Vick came with a multimillionaire face, the luckiest man on earth walking, because of Eveline.. For me and my wife Olwyn, having Vick and Eveline in our life is like having a brother and sister 🙂 For this prewedding session, Vick brought me and my wife, along with 6 other guys, just to cheer him up LOL. Sometimes Vick had an imagination that only himself could understand and for us to enjoy. Hahaha.. Well then, have a good life, brother.. Just like a pinwheels, life’s a rollercoaster, there are ups and downs, blow the warm wind and tell the world, no matter what you will keep your life spinning with your warm heart.. 🙂 And for you guys, enjoy the journey through these pictures, and also have a good day.

Warm Regards, Alwin Lim VOTO