Walk With Me

Ronald & Marvina by Alwin

Love is about taking someone higher, in life, in experience, and in the journey that about to walk.
And as we know love, it has so many beautiful faces, the beauty of sharing lives and sharing days.
Because of love, sometimes we stood in someplace, then we feel it took us to another place, another laughter, and smile.

Let us meet our dearest Ronald and Marvina, from the moment they met us, it took just a glance to fall in love with them.
Ronald is a baker type, calm, and confidence, with his gentle smile, but yet he’s hiding his sense of humor.
It gets hilarious the moment you spent some topics and discussion with him.
While Pipin, that’s what I personally called Marvina. She was my classmate’s cousin, back then when there’s a time when I was still in high school.
If you looked Pipin, seems that she’s a happy and playful person, I mean she is, but not the adventurous person.
She’ll be terrified if you drag her to a roller-coaster or any monstrous ride in the amusement park with her eyes stared and “NO” sign… LOL

Ronald tells something interesting in some of their lives stories, that one time he asked Pipin to enjoy the day at the water park, with their huge and terrifying ride, as spiral shaped water slide and gallons of water were everywhere in the premises.
That day was spent with Ronald playing alone, enjoying every attraction and ride provided as if he’s a child. And Pipin spent her day in the poolside with beach chairs, light meals and snacks and a pile of their bags, as if a mother waited for their children playing…

Well, but their story doesn’t stop there, every now and then, Ronald is ready to bring Pipin into another adventure, another hilarious and terrifying adventure ahead, both literally in the life and in amusement park also.. 🙂
With his kind and assertive way, Ronald convinced Pipin, that everything will be alright, to enjoy the adventure of life, as long as they holding each other hand along the way.

Well then, that’s the beauty of love to life, never doubted then what love can be done in some and mysterious way. 🙂

With warm regards, Alwin Lim