The Wedding Of

Hadi & Lili by Alwin

I always get excited when I get asked to shoot a wedding in Bali. The Goddess Island, The Paradise Island, The Island of Love, you name it.
One the best wedding destination in the world always offer something new for me to explore.

It was in February when I got the chance to shoot Hadi & Lili wedding in Bali.
When I arrived there, I asked my driver about the weather. He said it was raining quite often those days.
Of course, for an outdoor wedding, rain is not preferable.
It could ruin the decoration and the couple’s mood as well.
Furthermore, it was raining on the night, and it lasted until dawn.

The next morning, thank God, the weather was perfect and the sun was shining brightly.
I arrived at the villa to shoot the make and preparation, and there they were,
Hadi and Lili, greet me and my team with a smile.
You know, what I love about them is their kindness and their honest smile.

Hadi is a doctor. One thing about a doctor that you should probably know is that they don’t talk much, or else the patient will bombard them with questions and telling the doctor what should they do, not the other way around.
Hadi doesn’t talk much, but he is very kind and always asked me about what I need and always try to strike up a conversation.
Lili, on the other hand, is very supportive and warm.
She is quite talkative, which made them an interesting and delighted couple.
They always try to make us feel like home, and their family treated us as one of them.

That day reminds me once again of an Italian saying, “Famiglia e per sempre” or “Family is forever”.
It was very true for Hadi & Lili.
It was very touching to see them crying and smiling at the same time, to hear Lili’s little brother sang his own song for her at the holy matrimony.
It was a very touching experience for me and taught me about a family love.
Well, congratulations for you, Hadi & Lili.
It was a pleasure working with you, and I wish you a happy marriage life and good health!

With love, Alwin Lim