Our Love Story

Michael & Agnes by Alwin

Well here we are again, just got back in my hometown for a month in Europe 🙂 Still struggling with the jet-lag, but finally my taste bud are in their joyful state again, for every cuisine in Indonesia are always spicy. Talking about jet-lag, that would be a tiredness, and other physical effects felt by a person, after a long flight across several time zones. Comes with that, there’s an interesting background behind my couple; Michael and Agnes. They don’t literally live in two different time zone one to another, but as a obstetrics and gynaecology doctor, Agnes was demanded 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to standby. A circumstances often quite confusing between night and day time. In other part; Michael, with his high sense of art and entertainers soul himself, while living mostly like common people working hours, made himself quite busy as well, back and forth Bandung-Jakarta, often he had no weekend in his agenda. So you can imagine how they struggling for their relationship this years.
Some part of me thought that it was not gonna be easy, its gonna be really hard, that they’re have gonna to work this every single day. But somehow had its power through all situations, regardless how unfortunate it was. They know each other for almost 15 years, and been together since then, so you’ll figured out that would mean something. A firm and strong foundation in their relationship, learning for better and for worse in the future time.. As Michael friend, quite shocking the day he contacted me, saying its he’s turn to get married. And all that gets into my head were “finally man, indeed its yours” 🙂 Please enjoy every part of this lovely scene we’re trying to create, a story about how he drove his motorcycle everywhere with her, a story about how he called in telephone booth back then in their time, a story about how finally he gets his first car, a story about they sweetness together, a love story of theirs..

Sincerely your friend, Alwin Lim VOTO