Shine on me

Mario & Patricia by Alvin

Hi folks…it’s me again 🙂

Recently a song from a band called RAN has been making its way to the top chart. The song title is “Dekat di Hati”. It’s easy to listen, the music is light but catchy, and the lyric is simple yet meaningful. “Dekat di Hati” tells a story about lovers that got separated by distance.
Yes…it’s a long distance relationship…
It’s not a sad song tough. The lyric manage to deliver a good message to those who listen. Here I quote some lyrics from the song :
“Meski kau kini jauh di sana
Kita memandang langit yang sama
Jauh di mata namun kau dekat di hati”
(Even though you’re far out there, we’re still staring at the same sky
You’re so far away, yet I feel you close to my heart)

This song also reminds me of a movie from 2010 called “Going the Distance”.
The movie is about a couple of lovebirds that just met; but not so long after that, they had to live in a separate city because of work. One in New York and the other is in San Fransisco.
In the end, one had to make a choice and sacrifice his/her own will. But I’m sure if it’s true love, then they wouldn’t feel it as a sacrifice.
Sounds like a fairy tale or a too-good-to-be-true story?
Well, Mario and Patricia is a living proof of such a story. Every time I hear “Dekat di Hati” or see “Going the Distance”, I always remember them.
Here some photos I took for their prewedding session. Hope you can feel the sparkling love between both of them as well.

Alvin Gunawan a.k.a Poltak