Photography . Creative
VOTO fotografia are
crazy yet still creative, cheerful yet still elegant, strong concepted,
storyboarded, yet you still enjoy laughing with us.
Missed memory from a moment of happiness, laughter or just a simple smile? Not a chance…
At VOTO fotografia understand how valuable those are, and here we are to made the world stop and stays for while to see your smile
Enjoy VOTO fotografia



Everybody will agree when you say Alwin is a fun and sweet guy. His easy-going personality makes people around him comfortable and is a great asset in addition to his photography skill. He is always enthused in his works and loves to listen as he loves to tell stories. He enjoys good coffee in the morning and good drinks in the end of the day. You can also taste a grateful and a greatness in Alwin’s daily life at instagram: @alwin_voto


A gentle and kind person, Alvin always took pictures with perfection. Just like his love for music, he composed and shoots with harmony. He is your gourmet guy, the one you’d come to for any food questions. He enjoys his works and is a detailed-man. You wouldn’t miss his trademark classic style when you work with him. Be sure you also follow Alvin’s adventure at instagram: @alvinpoltak


As the latest addition to photographer at VOTO, Eric is the easy going type you won’t mind being around you in any occasions. Try to be around Eric for a while. Have a little chit-chat, maybe a coffee or two. Soon, a gentle breeze of autumn will blow your face and you’ll feel relaxed. Eric is very calm yet confident. He’s like your white shirt : it can’t go wrong. His love in sports and adventure makes him a great traveling companion in every situation. Try to know Eric better through his feed in instagram: @ewic_setiawan

Illustration by Castella Natalia