You Make Loving Fun

Christian & Frisca by Martin

Bandung is always been my favorite place for living. The nature, the mountain, the air has always made me miss this city. And here is Christian & Frisca, I brought them to my favorite place in Bandung, We call it the highest point in Bandung, here we can see the whole city of Bandung from up above. There’s a lot of flower here, and we can find a pine forest just nearby the flower fields. Cristian & Frisca are such a cheerful couple, it was so easy to make them smile in front of the camera, they make the loving fun!. The photo session is more like a comedy show than a photo session LOL! This couple is such a great mix between a sweet feminine girl and a romantic guy. Frisca loves flower since she is a skirt designer and Cristian is a great pianist. Their life background became the inspiration for our concept. Finally, this is the Christian & Frisca pre-wedding session gallery, Thank’s to the designer team of VOTO fotografia that also has been working hard for this photo session. Enjoy :)…

Warm Regards, Martin Handy VOTO