Une Part De Bonheur

Adhi + Nia by Alwin

“I wanted to be a doctor when I was a little, but as time goes by, I changed my mind, I wanted to be your wife..” Sounds a bit tacky I know, but meet this couple, Adhi and Nia, whose jobs is saving people’s life. Yes, they are doctors and they accidentally fell in love in the journey to be a doctor. It was all started when Adhi was his lecturer’s assistant and Nia was a naïve medical student. Nia was charmed by Adhi’s personality and performance in teaching.
At the moments, she once knew somehow that Adhi would be a good father. On the contrary, Adhi felt something different when met Nia in the class. Adhi sees, something that others don’t feel; it’s the tenderness and lovable personality that he can’t resist. And voila! They become a very good loving couple. Different from other Doctors, they are very open minded, like to socialize and they like to discuss social things and possibility to the new improvement. For their leisure time, Adhi prefers to enrich his knowledge by reading book, while Nia fond of creating cuties art craft. Well, if it’s too good to be true, their struggles are not end yet. Nia has to be patiently waited for Adhi to be back from his study research in Europe back and forth. If it takes forever to wait for someone, love will worth it, agree with me, Nia?

Warm Regards, Alwin Lim VOTO