To Have and To Hold

Yoos & Amanda by Alwin

At the beginning, it was fun imagining we would be about more than 3 weeks in Europe for this journey, While the original plan were to shoot 3 clients in a row, along with that was Yoos and Amanda following our schedule. The other 2 clients was quite an easy task I might say, both in Paris, one was for their engagement and the other was for their family pictures, and the easy part was that they’re indeed France citizen.. And so you get the big picture, that from 3 weeks of our schedule, only 2 days dedicated for my other clients, the rest is for Yoos and Amanda.. LOL So dont get me wrong idea here, not only it was fun, but also super-fun and super-tired but turns out super-happy trip… 🙂 We started our journey in Vienna, a beautiful capital city of Austria, regarded as “City of Music” also as “The City of Dreams” by Sigmund Freud, the famous neurologist and psycho-analyst. Immersing our self in Vienna surrounding a few days, known also as “österreich” borrowed from German language, means the Easter Empire. Then we continue our journey even further east, to Prague, the mystique and capital city of Czech Republic, also known as the historical capital of Bohemia, also the seat of two Holy Roman Emperors and thus also the capital of the Holy Roman Empire.
So if you get the idea, the mystical and magical Prague would’ve given us something different from the western counterpart. 🙂 Then we break our schedule just to enjoying our self in Berlin, continuing North to France, and as the Grand Finale was Paris indeed. It was one pleasant journey after all, because me and Olwyn, my wife, already knew this couple for about 10 years and counting 🙂 At that time, Yoos was still with someone else, Amanda as well, then came the time they broke up, and fall in love with each other. One thing I remember from their story was that, Yoos are a very gentle and care person, while Amanda are extrovert and an optimist girl, seems that they’re completing each other in a unique way.. 🙂 And just for your info, as I’m writing these words, we all together are planning to spend 2 weeks in Japan next Spring 2015.. LOL Boy I love spending time with them, having a cup of coffee with Yoos, having a tons of cake and meals with Amanda. And spending a day watching them arguing what’s for dinner, gosh it was fun and addicting also.. Well then, enjoy a few ambiance and pictures of our journey back in the beginning of Europe’s spring,

Warmest hugs, Alwin Lim VOTO