The Rhythm Of Love

Edward & Ryanvil by Alwin

I jumped out of the couch and hectically running out of my living room the morning before we shot this couple. Danced the room a bit while finalizing this project, such a wonderful concept, bringing music and romance together. Boy, how God knows how I love music since I was a child, my father used to play me a classic music daily. But then, its not about classic nor about me, it’s all about Edward and Ryanvil, a lovely couple with their tender and gentle smile, you just practically falling in love with their smiling eyes. Let us all meet Edward, a musician, he once called himself a drummer, not to forget he loves soccer and he owns a ton of soccer shoes, in fact, his whole family are a musician, his own brother fantastically a guitar player and fatally I myself forgot what was their father played at.. 😀
And for sure, let us meet this wonderful lady, Ryanvil, you’ll be falling in love with her smile, just before she faint.. Lol Yes, I mean literally she got the hobby of fainting (according to her best friend’s confession), luckily there’s no such thing as we commence our session… Nevertheless, it was a wonderful session, indeed we already prepared some storyboard and posing guidance, but you could never beat a true love gesture, naturally sweet and genuine smile was immediately filled the ambiance… They’re a very humble couple, and the more you know, the more you realize that seems that they have everything they need, well, since they have each other for sure… Please enjoy our few days with them in several session, the rhythm of their heartbeat, the rhythm of love

With my warmest heart, Alwin Lim VOTO