Race To Your Heart

Felix & Natalia by Alvin

Do you believe that your soul mate is never far from you? It is said that your soul mate is right in front of you and is waiting for you. All you have to do is look closer – not with your bare eyes – and feel it with all your body and soul. Meet Felix. He’s not just an ordinary car enthusiast, but he also once was a slalom race champion. He could understand every sound from his car. He knows the potential power that stored in a car. And there’s Natalia. She’s also a car enthusiast. She admires the beauty of a car outlook. She adores the luxurious of the interior. She could understand the glamour that lies beneath.
They met at a car dealer, where Natalia worked as a sales marketing and Felix was one of the regular customer. This is when the cupid fired his arrows. At a blink of an eye, Felix could feel beauty and glamour. So does Natalia, at those moment she could understand strength and power. Skip all the details – they fell in love and managed to keep going out until Felix pop the question. The photo session itself was a loads of fun. Felix requested his limited edition of Mini Cooper GP could be used as one of the properties. They both were quite relax and their smile were all over the place. Glad meeting both of you Felix and Natalia, it was such a pleasure being part of your love journey! 🙂

Cheers, Alvin Gunawan a.k.a Poltak