Our Little Journey

Yanshen & Melda by Alwin

Yanshen and Melda are a cute couple, indeed in their every way of daily life.. 🙂 Once they told me not take a session that will look too mature (I wonder what mature types like) LOL… They said because they are not “tall” like other couple did, and it seems they also enjoy the funny things in their life. Hmmm, from my description above, its a natural if you think they were “childish”, but a big NO to your thoughts, if there’s anything like that. I prefer to pick the word “childlike”, the way they see the world is like the way a child see the world, full of colors, excitement with every positive thinking about everything that’s been going on.
A lot of things I learned from them, especially about having positive and optimism in our life, sometimes when we’re having an unexpected moment in our daily life, usually we said “OMG, I would love this no to happen actually”, but instead of complaining, they said “hei looks like its time to had another adventure” I’m enjoying every bit of the photo session back then, loving every little expression of theirs, and learning that in life, frowner never win, just smile at your worst time of day and you’ll see that every little thing gonna be alright, just like Bob Marley said in “three little birds”

Warm hug, Alwin Lim VOTO