Lost In Paradise

Herry & Tasya by Alwin

Doing a lot of traveling abroad makes me realize that Indonesia is quite well known for world tourism, and Bali is very well known better than its country. Several times people thought that Indonesia is a part of Bali, and of course, I have to straighten their mind, that we had thousands of islands and Bali was only one of them… 🙂 For those who had been stepping their feet in Bali, you guys should agree with me that Bali is a paradise. Some might say a “heavenly haven”, as Bali keep improving their world-class tourism into a better one. Just like these frames I took in Bali with the sweet couple Herry and Tasya, we want to capture how gorgeous Bali is
Well, these pictures would not be representing Bali, only a bit to represent beautiful cliff, hidden beach and resort around Jimbaran. Meet Herry and Tasya, they both fell in love with this island from the beginning they plan to do the photo session. Herry is a sweet guy, full of thoughts type of guy, seems like every single detail were impossible to miss. And meet the calm and cheerful Tasya, you’ll instantly fall in love with her kindness… They’re both a lovely person and a beautiful couple indeed. Enjoy these frames and let’s hope that someday, Indonesia had better tourism everywhere just like Bali was done. Let’s pray that someday Indonesia had thousands of “Bali” island, with their own identity and uniqueness,

Warm Regards, Alwin Lim VOTO