You And Me Together

Albert + Stefanie by Alwin

Love cures people, especially the ones who give it and the ones who receive it. – Dr. Karl Menninger.

Well, that explains a lot about this couple, two hilarious doctors who accidentally met in Medical School.
Who will know that these different types of personalities will unite as they fall in love?
Meet Albert and Stephanie, two medical students which on their road to be doctors. They met and fell for each other in Medical School.

Albert is a calm type of guy, takes everything slowly, wouldn’t speak a word if he feels any need to, but of course a very caring man.
And Stephanie is 180 degrees different, talkative, put everything in a rush, easily panicked, but really lovable.

It’s funny sometimes to see them together; they are completing each other in the most unexpected ways.
What makes us wonder maybe what unite them and make them decide to be one? It’s their vision and covenant to God.
Their vision is to be a specialist and they are working hand in hand to make it happen.

Warm Regards, Alwin Lim